23 Nov 2017

Praise For Prenatal Care Unit At KEMH

With World Prematurity Day held over the weekend, November 18th, here in Bermuda TNN was able to speak with a couple of guest workers from South Africa that found themselves at the King Edward Memorial Hospital going into labour at 29 weeks, if that wasn’t a surprise enough considering most mothers carry to 40 weeks of full term pregnancy, the couple also found that they were having twins.

Initially the couple had planned to travel to Canada to have their baby, but with the unexpected arrival of twins, Leanne Bezuidenhout and Richard Hobday explain how having their babies here in Bermuda was nothing short of a blessing.

Miss Bezuidenhout says “I was a week away from travelling to Canada, as I was considered a higher risk pregnancy. We were scheduled to go to Mount Sanai Hospital. I can honestly say that I don’t think we would have had the same care at Mount Sanai as we did here in Bermuda. The care was totally personalized and we were kept up to date from the moment the babies were born. We were constantly kept abreast of what was going on, whereas I’ve heard that when we go to the larger hospitals you don’t know within the first 24hours. They just focus on the babies, over here we had all these nurses and doctors giving Richard updates while I slept.

“Plus with the vast amount of knowledge that Bermuda has and the experienced nurses from Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Bermuda, Canada, and England. To have all of these nurses that have worked in the neonatal care and actually they bring their best practice, together with the Bermuda Hospitals Board combining the experience and creating the outstanding standard they provide, it is exactly as it should be.

“My kids love Dr. Nawab and Dr. Fulton and the many nurses and staff on the maternity ward at the King Edward VII Memorial hospital. They all worked tirelessly, I left my children with them knowing they would be taken care of. They each had their own nurse that watched over them the entire time, allowing them to build their knowledge on the individual baby. In the bigger hospitals staff rotate and they don’t get to know your child, they personally know your baby, the likes and dislikes. They knew my babies better than I did in the first days of their life, and to this day they still come to visit them. For all of this I am beyond grateful.


“This has truly been a ‘WOW’ experience. It is really one of God’s miracles. Our most heartfelt thanks goes out to the doctors and staff that worked round the clock to care for our babies and of course thanks goes to God first and foremost.” 

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  • Comment Link Leigh-Ann Friday, 24 November 2017 10:02 posted by Leigh-Ann

    In the excitement of being interviewed I forgot to mention the following:
    1. I do not mean to take away from the excellent and selfless service provided by Neo-natal care units across the world, I just wanted to give praise to the SCBU at KEMH. Not all premmie babies are fortunate enough to stay on island and I have heard a lot of praise for the staff at Mount Sinai too.
    2. I did forget to mention and emphasize the gratitude we have for Dr Richard Fulton who worked tirelessly (18 hour days in the beginning) and under stressful moments to save our babies. Thank you just doesn't seem enough.
    3. Let’s all remember to count our blessings every day.
    Keep well

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