12 Dec 2017

Pamplin Keeping The Pressure On Brown

In January 2013 the Corporation of Hamilton and Allied Development Partners, which is managed by Michael MacLean, signed a lease for 262 years for the Hamilton Waterfront inclusive of Development rights. However, the at the time Minister of Home Affairs Minister, Michael Fahy, protested the agreement and in October 2013 legislation was approved that any lease between a party and the Corporation of Hamilton that runs over the time frame of 21 years must seek parliamentary approval.

Since the cancellation of the lease, MacLean has sought compensation in the amount $156million which was not accepted by the government. Following this denial of compensation, Mr. Maclean was also fruitless in his attempts to further the matter in an arbitration hearing.

This topic was brought up in the House of Assembly on Friday, December 8th, 2017 to which TNN was able to speak with Patricia Gordon Pamplin following the morning session.

Ms. Gordon Pamplin stating “There was an error on the question Ministerial statement. The question was whether the minister could speak to the discrepancy with a Hansard of November 18th, when in fact the Hansard was November 17th. However, the issue remains the same. The Minister Walton Brown has stated that he had not negotiations with Mr. MacLean. Mr. MacLean states that the Minister had arranged and agreed with him a fee to take up the matter concerning the Waterfront. The question begs, what was the Minister’s involvement.

“The Minister has failed to answer. He has said that there is a police investigation concerning it and its subdue to say. So what we will do is wait until we have proper clarity as far as what has caused that issue to be less than open for discussion at this point in time and we will continue to stay on it.

“When a citizen says that a Minister has agreed with him to do something that seems to be untoward given. The minister is not an attorney and has not filed members interest declaration to state that he has that legal capacity then one has to question what is the impotence behind the allegation. If there is none, then presumably the minister must believe that he has been made liable. It would then seem that the natural thing to do would be to have some kind of further legal action taken. I know for certain no one would slander my name in such a way and tell lies on me and for me to let that slide.

“He was not a Minister at the time and the question was very specific to the Hansard on November 17th, 2017, as to whether he had any negotiations with Mr. MacLean either before or after becoming a Minister, so it was very clear.”


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