15 Dec 2017

Gingerbread House On Display At The Princess Hotel Facility

Ricardo Cera, the executive chef at the Hamilton Princess and Beach Club is the mastermind behind the 6.5ft tall gingerbread house found in the lobby of the hotel. Beyond the amazing gingerbread smell that fills the lobby and many other decorations to bring a festive spirit to the hotel, the gingerbread house is actually large enough to for most children to fit inside.

TNN was able to interview Mr. Cera during an onsite visit for unrelated matters. Mr. Cera shared “This was teamwork, especially with the pastry team here at the hotel. The engineering team also played a major part in the construction of the Gingerbread house. It took us approximately one hundred and twenty hours to complete.

“The response has been wonderful especially from the kids. I think the most remarkable part of having the gingerbread house here in the lobby is the smell, it’s a smell that people relate to their childhood, it brings a sense of home. I think the main objective we aimed for is so that people walking through would not only visually see the Christmas spirit but to smell a sense of Christmas and bring comfort to everyone here.

“The fact that the house is large enough for children to fit inside gives another aspect we were successful in creating. For the children to physically be able to go into the house and experience what that is like will leave them with memories for a lifetime. That was the main concept this year in the creation of this gingerbread house.

“Just seeing my team happy and to witness the satisfaction on their faces brought me joy, but seeing the joy on the faces of the guests also makes me very happy. The gingerbread house will be removed on January 2nd, but up until that time our pastry team will continuously touch up the house to ensure it lasts until that time.”


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