12 Jan 2018

Trust Fund In Honor Of Collins Smith

Collins Smith, a man of the people, who passed away last year in a road traffic collision on August 11, 2017, has brought his family that much closer.

Yesterday, Cal Smith, Collins’ brother shared with TNN “This is going to be an annual event, celebrating Collins birthday. He had a function here every year for as long as I can remember. Since his death I have opened up a trust account for his grandchildren and his daughter, who is away in college.

“We have asked people to come out and support it and today they have come out in the masses. Guests included as high as the Premier, Honorable Ministers such as Minister Col. Burch and other Ministers have also been in attendance.

“It’s been a good day and all proceeds will go to the ‘Stand Up Collins Trust Foundation’ which will support his grandchildren as they go into their college years.’

It was then pointed out to Cal Smith that his brother, Collins, was obviously known by a great many people, due to the turn out, to which Mr. Smith commented “That was Collins, from the guys like himself that swept the streets all the way to the Premier. The outpouring of support today doesn’t surprise me at all. This reflects who he was and what type of person he truly was.

When asked as to how Mr. Smith is coping without his ‘big brother’ Cal Smith responded “It’s hard, it’s really hard. I do believe everything happens for a reason. We are trying to move forward from this together and it has brought our family a little tighter. We will go forth and continue to celebrate his memory.”

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