06 Oct 2017

Kirk Munday Released & Deported

 TNN Update 

Recent sources have confirmed Mundy did not leave yesterday (October 6th). It is now being revealed to TNN that Kirk Mundy was in actual fact released on Wednesday (October 4th) and sent straight to L. F. Wade International Airport where he was escorted back to Jamaica via private jet by two of Bermuda's immigration officers. 

The same sources are also revealing that this expense has been paid for by the taxpayers of Bermuda due to the fact the United States and the United Kingdom were not willing to accept Mundy into their countries,  not even as a layover, to forward him on to Jamaica. 


Word coming to TNN tonight that Jamaican national Kirk Mundy who spent more than five years at Westgate for his role in the murder of Rebecca Middleton, and fifteen years for an armed robbery  is tonight a free man. Mundy is set to return to his home country via the UK.

He leaves on tonight's British Airways flight. Mundy avoided being sentenced for murder after he pleaded guilty to a lease charge in the case which some say was botched by the authorities and brought significant negative attention to Bermuda.

It is believed Mundy had applied for Bermuda status but was denied and a deportation order was put in place.


Bermuda Police identified two men, Kirk Mundy and Justis Smith, as the likely attackers – both men had been positively identified by several eye witnesses as the men who picked up Rebecca Middletom on that fateful night. The police took DNA samples from each man to compare with evidence found on Rebecca's body. Before the DNA test report was returned from the lab where it had been sent, Mundy pleaded guilty to "accessory after the fact" and agreed to testify in court that Smith had raped and killed Rebecca.

The Bermuda Court accepted his plea and sentenced him to five years in prison, without the Police waiting for the lab to return the DNA report nor with the Police checking his story. The lab report eventually confirmed that Mundy had raped Rebecca, but not Smith. Upon receipt of this evidence, the Bermuda Court decided not to revoke Mundy's plea bargain, and released Smith with all charges dropped. Subsequent independent investigation indicates that Smith was also clearly involved in Rebecca's death, and that Mundy's involvement was more than he indicated in his statement to police.


Photo courtesy to The RG.

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