20 Nov 2017

Michael Lee-Chin Keynote Speaker For PLP Gala

 Saturday night, November 18th, marked the annual Progressive Labour Party Gala held this year at the Southampton Princess. Normally the event is a Delegate’s Banquet however with the July 2017 General Election, where the PLP won against the OBA with a landslide in votes leading them to their victory, the Gala was more of a celebratory event and was extended to all who wished to take part in the festivities.

The evening featured Michael Lee-Chin as the Keynote Speaker for the event. Mr. Lee-Chin is the President and Chairman of Portland Holdings and also a highly regarded business man whose philosophy of “doing well and doing good” have aided towards inspiring philanthropic initiatives over the years. Amongst receipt of Doctors of Laws degrees from various distinguished universities, Mr. Lee-Chin advises to the Government of Jamaica on the adoption of a framework of growth initiatives.

The keynote speaker spoke on a wide variety of topics to the crowded room of over 800 persons that were in attendance. His words struck applause from the attendee’s when he spoke of “strategy is 1% of success, execution is 99%”, also stating that the work is all in the execution of the strategy.

It was also mentioned during the speech “To create wealth it is imperative to reinvest and compound, it is mathematically impossible to do so without investing and compounding.”  Mr. Lee-Chin further explained that “Countries cannot become long term sustainable wealth creators unless they build strong indigenous businesses. Through building strong indigenous businesses you will build profits and growth which will keep the strongest and brightest people here in Bermuda.”

Mr. Lee-Chin also stated that in order to make the country wealthy there must be a legislative agenda that will aid in making corporations wealthy. The legislative agenda must include pension reform and insurance reform and lastly as a country we must make sure there are that we are enablers to allow for strong indigenous businesses to be created and thrive moving forward.

Following the applause when the keynote speaker Mr. Michael Lee-Chinn left the stage, the Premier, the Honorable E. David Burt, JP MP took the stage shortly after to address everyone in attendance. The Premier spoke of, through the victory of the PLP’s “landslide” win, his hopes and aspirations for Bermuda and also how the PLP are willing to make every effort to help Bermuda thrive and succeed.

“We are here because we stand on the shoulders of giants, those who came before, those who have worked hard, the Party leaders before us and those who effortlessly continue to follow. “

Premier Burt went on to say “Our victory means that as a country we now have control of our country. We’re not perfect and we will make mistakes, but it’s about as much as we might disagree, we all want to arrive at the same destination, instead of turning to guns and violence.”

In closing out his speech, the Premier went on to thank and make mention of all of the sponsors, he also was sure to mention his wife and family amongst the many others that support him and the PLP in its entirety.


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