21 Nov 2017

Goals, Visions And Aspirations For New OBA Leader

On Saturday November 18, 2017 the One Bermuda Alliance held an election, at Vasco Da Gama, to vote in the official new Party Leader. Jeanne Atherden was victorious in the running against Patricia Gordon-Pamplin and Craig Cannonier, who were previously party leaders for the One Bermuda Alliance. Atherden secured 90 votes whereas Pamplin came in behind her with 82 votes and Cannonier with 69 votes.

TNN spoke with the Honorable Jeanne Atherden,  the new leader of the OBA, as to what her vision, goals and aspirations are for the party moving forward.

“I think we have to recognized that the One Bermuda Alliance was formed on the basis of putting Bermuda First and doing things for Bermudians. That is still our ideology. What we have to do is make sure that we carry that out, and in order to carry that out means that we have to figure out what type of functions do we have to do make sure that this happens. It isn’t just about saying this is what it should be, our actions have to address the issues of what is affecting Bermudians.

“I do think that when we were in power before, we tried to do things to benefit all of Bermuda. When I was the Health Minister, I wouldn’t have tried to reduce the cost of health and bring the premiums down if it wasn’t part of our ideology. We just have to show that we are still doing it and we are talking to them and listening. We want to make sure that we hear what is the most important things on their minds right now of Bermudians.

TNN posed the question as to how Ms. Atherden plans on attracting the younger members of Bermuda to bring what they have to offer to the table, especially considering the Progressive Labour Party have definitely campaigned to reach out to that genre of our society.

“That’s what we have done through the FBA, the Future Bermuda Alliance. This moment is growing and it is going from strength to strength. We have people there that are coming out and they are getting together and talking about what’s important to the people. As I said in my speech when I was speaking to the conference where the FBA is concerned is that we have to mentor and nurture them because they are our future.

In closing and asking Ms. Atherden ‘How does it feel to be sworn in as the new Leader of the One Bermuda Alliance?’ she replied “I look at it this way, the conference was an opportunity to get started, I’m meeting lots of people on the streets coming saying that they are glad I am taking action and that Bermuda needs a viable opposition, and that they want us, the OBA, to do things for Bermuda. I am committed to doing things for all of Bermuda because it is all about making sure that everybody prospers.

“I do think that one of the things I have to do as the Party Leader is to build a team that believes in working together, build a team that believes if we work together we can achieve the goals that all of us want.”


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